Love Rock

Love. It's a strong word. What I meant when I wrote it on my rock, was to love everyone no matter what. You don't know what people are going through when you talk to them. Even if they're your best friend. Don't ever hate someone or be mean to anyone because they are having an … Continue reading Love Rock

high school

I think high school is kind of stupid. Why should I have to take a class that I won't use when I get older. When am I going to need to understand what James Madison thought of factions in the 1700s or when am I going to need to know what the difference between an … Continue reading high school

Blog # 2: Are we even real?

Today in psychology we learned about sensation and perception. My teacher gave us the example of thinking about your car, then he began to tell us that the image you see when you think of your car isn't actually an image at all. In order to have a picture and see what you're thinking about, … Continue reading Blog # 2: Are we even real?