Blog # 2: Are we even real?

Today in psychology we learned about sensation and perception. My teacher gave us the example of thinking about your car, then he began to tell us that the image you see when you think of your car isn’t actually an image at all. In order to have a picture and see what you’re thinking about, you need light. Where is there zero light? Your brain. The image you see is only electric pulses that are perceived to create the image you see. By the end of the class, my teacher said that there was no way to prove that anything is real. He also said that you could be in a dream right now. The only reason you think its reality is because it’s repetitive and your brain automatically perceives it as reality. I was so confused and my eyes and brain hurt.

DODGECHALLENGERSRT8” by Antoine is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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